Mô Đun Giải Mã Âm Thanh Bluetooth Dc 3.7-24v 5.0 Chuyên Dụng

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Giới thiệu Mô Đun Giải Mã Âm Thanh Bluetooth Dc 3.7-24v 5.0 Chuyên Dụng

"100% brand new and high quality
Made of high quality material, solid, durable and good performance, long service life.
2 channel stereo audio, it is wide voltage, stable signal, high efficiency, low distortion and low noise, the sound effect is good.
With power supply reverse connection protection, safe to use.
Most mianstream music format can be decoded, and it has an effective transmission distance with 15 meters unobstructed connection.
Rechargeable lithium battery, convenient to use.
Bluetooth decoder only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included!

Material: Fiber Glass Board, Electronic Component
Size: app.3 x 4.4cm/1.18 x 1.73in
Shell Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Pc

Product Parameters:
Product Model: XY-WRBT
Working Voltage: 3.7-24VDC
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Transmission Distance: 15m (Visible and unshielded)
Signal-to-noise Ratio: Over 90dB
Distortion: Less than -70dB
Number of Vocal Tract: Dual channel (Stereo)
Audio Interface: 3.5mm audio interface
Modular Protection Mechanism: Back-connection protection of power supply.

1. Micro-USB mobile phone charger, 3.7-4.2V lithium battery and 3.7-24V DC power supply can be used for power supply.
2. Short ""on/off contact"" 2 seconds can set decoder board on/off, for battery power supply, when not in use, power-saving, convenient refitting.

Operation instructions
After switching on the power supply, the blue indicator flashes and enters the Bluetooth mode; after broadcasting the ""prompt tone"", it enters the matching mode and waits for matching; after broadcasting the ""prompt tone"", the mobile Bluetooth searches for ""XY-WRBT"" (the name of the power amplifier board device), clicks on the ""XY-WRBT"" connection, and plays the ""prompt tone"" after the connection is successful. When the indicator lights are on for a long time, the mobile music can be played, and the indicator lights will flash slowly when the Blue The amplifier board prepares for the next pairing, and plays the ""prompt sound"" before entering the pairing mode to wait for the pairing.

Cautions for Power Supply with 3.7V Lithium Battery
1. When powered by batteries, the battery voltage is less than 3.3V decoder board automatically shuts down. After re-energizing or full charging, the contacts are switched on/off for 2 seconds.
2. When using batteries for power supply, if the voltage of batteries is too low, there may be ""nourishing"" noise. In this case, the batteries need to be charged.
3. Because there is no charge protection circuit for lithium batteries on decoder board, it is recommended to use lithium batteries with protection board.
4. If your rechargeable battery supports Micro USB charging directly, you can use Micro USB charging directly to the battery.

Package includes:
1 x Bluetooth Decoder"
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