Ăng Ten Tv Kỹ Thuật Số Hdtv Free Hd 4k Kênh 1080p 13tf O9L0 1500 Dặm Và Phụ Kiện

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Giới thiệu Ăng Ten Tv Kỹ Thuật Số Hdtv Free Hd 4k Kênh 1080p 13tf O9L0 1500 Dặm Và Phụ Kiện

-hundreds of free channels: a new generation of antennas can get rid of the high cost of watching digital tv. the antenna is compatible with tv conversion boxes and hundreds of digital tv/4k uhd (4k uhd) tvs, such as tvs for abc, for cbs, for nbc, for pbc, for fox. therefore, keep live local programs up to date without having to spend more or lose any of your favorite local tv channels with the best reception quality.
-boost amplifier hd tv reception: our tv antenna uses an upgraded amplifier signal booster, super long-distance reception, so that the tv antenna can reach a range of up to 1500 miles, and built-in the latest generation of smart ic chips and transparent filtering technology. the tv antenna is optimized for specific frequency ranges and geographical conditions, and 360° omnidirectional signal reception is optimized, which can realize more free tv programs, and has enhanced gain and range, and the image and sound quality is far better than before.
-high-strength materials: advanced industry-leading technology-exclusive intelligent enhancement technology can handle more signals weakened by obstacles between you and the local broadcast tower, and it also has a built-in 4g lte filtering function, this results in a cleaner signal and clearer image, low noise, and more free broadcast tv signals with enhanced gain, range and frequency performance.
-easy to install: the tv antenna comes with an easy-to-use user manual, so you can easily install the tv antenna. place the tv antenna on the window or wall for best results, then scan the channels in the tv menu. try to find the best reception in several locations, and remember to scan the channel at each location.
-high-quality coaxial cable: our antennas include standard 2.5c 2v coaxial cables and stronger copper wires. this durable structure brings excellent hd reception and strong signal reliability. if there is no usb output for connecting the dtv antenna to the power supply in the tv, the smart ic usb power adapter with built-in overvoltage protection will help you.

hd: support 4k hd mode
signal receiving distance: 1500 miles range
connector type: tv head with f adapter
impedance: 75 ohms
voltage: 5v
working temperature: -40°c + 85°c
gain: 50dbi
color: black

packing list:
hdtv antenna*1
signal amplifier*1

-the effect seen from the camera is different from the eye. the 3d illusion effect in the photo is stronger.
-in order to save space, the floor mats are folded and packed, so there will be slight creases. if you receive the floor mat, please iron it, the crease will be repaired soon.
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